Latest Mixtapes, Events, and Hip-Hop News from this Future mogul

Latest Mixtapes, Events, and Hip-Hop News from this Future mogul

Thursday, January 13, 2011

LOL WTF!? Slim Thug tryna date...on craigslist??? fail

Lol thanks to DJ Truuf this is what you can find on craigslist. A known rapper smutting himself for that yum yum. Dont believe me?

Slim, are you trickin for 4' 4s?

LOL WTF!? Gucci Mane got Ice Cream Paint Job. Ice Cream Cone on his face!

Ok..........Idk how to go in on this shit but here it goes. After Gucci Mane was declared mentally unstable when violating his probation, he went to a tattoo shop, and got a fuckin Ice Cream Cone on his face. On the cone it reads: Burrr

All I know is he can never be a goon again. How will you react if Mister Softee stook you up trying to rob you? And sadly I bet people will copy after this.

My inside source told me that Gucci tatted Baskin Robbins on his face to prove to the cops he is seriously crazy so he won't have to be in the pen for another year. Even though i understand you got to do what you have to do to keep away from bars, that's a bit of a sacrifice to kids everywhere. They will chase you with a dollar screaming for ice cream for the rest of his life.

SMFH I blame this on Mike Tyson.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Exclusive RediRoc interview + Ape Gang.. Money Never Sleeps out now

Exclusive RediRoc interview + Ape Gang.. Money Never Sleeps out now. Rediroc talks about his new mixtape "Money Never Sleeps" with DJ Malgeez, Ape Gang, and how Philly should get together and stop hating and ratting. HottestintheHood exclusive. Shoutout Raw South Street Store! 5th and South Street in Philly @Rediroc215 @Garci87 @DJBenz

Wiz Khalifa Conference Call (Atlantic/Rostrum) + Black & Yellow (G-Mix)

In this call, right before he went to soundcheck, Wiz chopped it up with the radio DJs across the country and being thankful for the s. He got an official single ready to go and an album in 2011. Also talked about other collabs and how to reach him. During the call, Atlantic dropped the Black & Yellow G-Mix with Snoop Dogg, Juicy J and T-Pain. heavy lineup. 14 minute call. Enjoy


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Album Review: Rihanna - LOUD

One good thing to say about Rihanna: Her work ethic is persistant. You can talk about her situation with Chris Brown which 85% of America passed on about it. Or other negative things about her like her naked pics(NOTHING NEGATIVE about that) But one thing to praise is her drive. Since 2005 when she came out with Pon DI Replay and her debut album, Rihanna drops a new album EVERY YEAR. She has hits on Billboard EVERY YEAR. Also she shows improvement between albums. Loud is no different, instead another example of her incline in her career

Loud is a fun-type album especially when it starts. The first couple tracks like S&M and Only Girl in the World(remix by Fatman Scoop) makes me think she ripping her style from House king David Guetta. Play this in a house club and crowd will go crazy. Not sure about and urban club though. But with Man Down, she delivers for the islands with Barbadoian and even some Haitian vibes. Raining Men with Nicki Minaj and What’s My Name featuring Drake are the two tracks Billboard will have relationships with. California King Bed and Love The Way You Lie pt II are the Unthinkable(slow ballads) to this album as the first mentioned is about long-distance relationships and the second is Rihanna’s response to Eminem’s version. And Skin is a track that can explain how sexy Rhi can be between the sheets
Loud will hit stores by next week. Expect most if not the whole album to be on the Billboards. Another notch in her career and a way to stay revelant all 365 days of the year.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Meek Mill and Young Chris on Tony Touch Radio Show Shade 45

Late last week Philly's flame spitters, Young Chris and Meek Mill were in Tony Touch radio show on Shade 45. Basically showing the rest of the country what they about as well as speaking on their situations with their labels.
This clip, Young Chris explains how a deal on the table; new label called Division 1

Meek explains how he got to this point. And he is still unsigned. Grand Hustle is an affiliation. So Labels can STILL pick him up!

Meek n Chris cypha

Young Chris - Re-Introduction drops Nov 20th (my birthday lol)

(Video) Wiz Khalifa Locked up In North Carolina For Marijuana Possession

This video was taken by a fan outside the tour bus which was raided by the Greenville, NC police. Khalifa was scheduled to rock out at East Carolina University but show was stopped 45 mins into the show when the 5-0 showed up. As we know, Wiz loves the trees, even boasted bout spending 10K a month just on weed.

Wiz' last tweet (@RealWizKhalifa) came around 4:30 PM EST, writing this message: "Smoke outs greenville, nc tonight. fall thru wit ur finest plant life."

So most likely the feds was watching and made a move. Just can't put everything on Twitter these days....

But since I don't think weed is wrong, I'll join in with the ECU crowd by sayin,

Free Wiz....c'mon. Cops don't act like you never smoked weed either.